How a trader can earn profitable returns while trading in precious metals like gold and silver ?



Mostly people believe that trading in commodities like gold is very difficult but the truth is that gold does not show movements like other stocks and commodities and traders need to keep several points in mind to become successful trader here. Mcx tips on gold, silver can also be referred to be on the safer side and ensure your good earnings. Gold can serve as most essential part of your portfolio in today’s volatile economy, however people do not realize this fact and fears to trade here.

Few tips for traders to earn good returns by trading in metals like gold, silver are discussed below :

1) Keep trading position small. When you have high chances of being correct then you can go for large position. Along with this be attentive to market updates as many markets have cyclical nature and these cycles can be of great help for short and long term trades.

2) Rely on usage of well proven indicators like stochastic indicators. Others may be useful as will but first examine them well and then decide to make decision while trading using them.

3) Wait for confirmations before taking any action. It is good if you wait for breakouts/breakdowns confirmation.In-case of precious metals it is advised to wait for three consecutive price below/above the critical price level before considering breakouts/breakdowns confirm and meaningful.

4) Study different ratios, not all but those who have contributed to provide useful signals for gold and are also important because of some fundamental factors. Also you can learn about time frames other than one which you focusing.

5) Constantly lookout for any abnormal situations and if you identify something odd then understand the reason behind it and check if happened preciously as well and if you find that it happened previously then further study its impacts.

6) Monitor sentiments of other gold traders and investors. If most of them are bullish then it may lead to increase in prices of gold. Such a situation is good to go for selling by exiting long position and entering in short position.

These are few suggestions which can be helpful for earning well from commodity market. Apart from this always make trading decisions on the basis of facts and never follow other traders path blindly until you have a good reason to do so.Trading in commodity market offers several benefits to traders.Though trading is done here in a similar manner like stock market but every market has its own requirements. Therefore gain sufficient knowledge about market before beginning to trade. Financial advisory services providers gives useful suggestions on mcx trading tips and more after understanding markets behavior. Such suggestions can be followed to trade in an efficient manner. Every individual trader of commodity market has its own trading goals and by following a disciplined trading practice those goals can be achieved.

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